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Where small business owners learn simple marketing methods that allow them to reach more customers & increase their sales!

Is Not Knowing Small Business Marketing Holding You Back?

You know your business, you have something incredible to share with the world, but you're stuck trying to figure out how to get your message in front of your ideal customers! Marketing is something you don't know how to do, and your budget doesn't allow you to hire a qualified person or marketing agency, to do it for you.

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Do You Feel Overwhelmed By Technology?

You didn't grow up with the internet. Using social media is not something you know how to do well (or at all.) Learning online marketing seems overwhelming, but you know it's 100% necessary in order to attract more customers and make more sales. You want to grow your business and increase your revenue, but just don't know how to do it!

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Are You Finding It Hard To Sort Through The Massive Amount Of Information On The Internet?

There is an overabundance of information on the internet about small business marketing, but how do you know what to listen to. Is the information right, will it work, does the person sharing it actually know what they're talking about, do they have any experience in the field, and how do you know you aren't missing anything important?

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Afraid You Don't Have Time To Learn Online Marketing?

Being a small business owner requires a lot of time and attention. The thought of having to learn a new skill set can be overwhelming. Not to mention having to figure out what steps to take to successfully market and advertise your business.

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You're In The Right Place!

Simple Marketing Academy was designed to serve your needs! Marketing doesn't have to be difficult, expensive or time consuming. Inside Simple Marketing Academy, you will learn simple methods to market your business, that don't take a lot of time or a lot of money. As a matter of fact, most of what you will learn to do is free! The results we strive to help you achieve are; gaining more clients, and getting more sales! Simple Marketing Academy provides you with a library full of video courses, a community of like minded entrepreneurs and weekly Q & A calls!

Marketing Courses To Help You Attract New Customers And Increase Your Sales

Inside of Simple Marketing Academy are step-by-step, video courses to help you properly build your social media pages, show you how to post, what to post, how to keep your pages secure and how to communicate with potential clients online, in order to increase your sales. New courses are constantly being added.

A Place For You To Communicate With Other Small Business Owners

The Simple Marketing Academy Community is home to a growing number of entrepreneurs, small businesses owners, and those wanting to own their own businesses. It's a place to talk to your peers, bounce ideas off one another, celebrate wins and support each other with suggestions and positive messages.

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Weekly Member Calls To Have Your Most Pressing Questions Answered

Every week we will hold live Q & A calls. You can jump on these calls and have your questions answered. These calls provide an opportunity to get unstuck, and move past anything that may be holding you back. Can't make the call? You can listen to the replay at your convenience.

Join Simple Marketing Academy & Take Your Business To The Next Level! 

Imagine the increase in your sales, and the decrease in your stress level, that knowing how to effectively market your business could bring you! Simple Marketing Academy is a place to help make that happen!

* Learn simple, set-by step marketing methods to help you reach more of your ideal customers and increase your sales!

* Join weekly calls where you can ask questions, get help with the next thing you need to move forward with your marketing, and hear answers to others' questions, as well!

* Be part of a community of solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small business owners, where you can chat with each other online, ask for help with a challenge you are facing in your business, get feedback, encourage each other and celebrate successes!

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Meet The Creator of Simple Marketing Academy, Jill W. Fox!

Jill W. Fox is the owner of Fox Social Media! She is an experienced social media consultant for small businesses in a multitude of industries. She has been helping clients grow their businesses, increase their sales, and build relationships with their existing and new customers for almost 10 years. Jill has set-up, run, and managed the social media and advertising operations for clients in the fields of medicine, law, education, commercial real estate, outsourced accounting, non-profit, fitness, tv & film production, talent management, online retail, magazine publication, solar energy, home improvement, as well as for bloggers and high profile individuals. Another of Jill’s passions is teaching, and she has been  invited to guest lecture at prominent, Southern California universities, and speak to businesses on the topic of online marketing.

Having built and grown her own small business from scratch, Jill created Simple Marketing Academy to share her expertise with small business owners & entrepreneurs. She saw the need for a place to help others learn simple marketing strategies that would enable them to grow their businesses, reach their ideal customers and increase their sales.

Jill is also the host of, “Simple Marketing Academy Show“‚Äč on YouTube and, “Simple Marketing Academy Podcast” available on;  ApplePodcasts, Google PodcastsStitcherSpotify, PandoraAudibleAmazon MusiciHeartRadioTuneIn  & PlayerFM.

Here's How Jill Has Helped Other Small Business Owners!

For the past ten years, Jill has been working with small business owners through her company Fox Social Media, to help them with all aspects of their online marketing. Here are a few success stories!

Imagine What Your Business Will Look Like A Year From Now, If You Join Simple Marketing Academy, Today!


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Marketing Course Library

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